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Does Alcoholism Runs Rampant in the Mexican Latino Community.”?

Question by Julia: Does Alcoholism runs rampant in the Mexican Latino community.”?
The Mexican mother of a four-year-old mangled by a drunk driver explained the problem. “In Mexico,” she said, “the culture is very much a drinking cultureDrinking culture is the notable customs shared by groups of people around the world involved in drinking alcoholic beverages.

Although the type of alcohol, social attitude toward (and acceptance of) drinking varies around the world, nearly every civilization has
“Hispanic drivers are more likely than Anglo drivers to consume more alcohol more frequently and have been shown to be more likely than Anglos to drive with a blood alcohol concentrationblood alcohol concentration
The concentration of alcohol in the blood, expressed as the weight of alcohol in a fixed volume of blood and used as a measure of the degree of intoxication in an individual.
blood alcohol concentration ) level over .05 percent. Hispanics also believed that it takes six to eight drinks to affect driving, while Anglos thought two to four drinks affected driving.”

In 2003, the Austin-American Statesman published an article titled “Hispanics and DUI: A Troubling Trend,” revealing similar statistics to those published in the Stockton Record. “One thing I have noticed,” a cop told the paper, “is that the Hispanics I arrest for DWI An abbreviation for driving while intoxicated, which is an offense committed by an individual who operates a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or Drugs and Narcotics. , 90 percent of the time, are more drunk than the white and black people I arrest.” The paper also quoted a professor at the University of Texas who studied Hispanics and drinking. “The profile of a drunk driver in California,” Raul Caetano told the paper, “is a young Hispanic male, and I bet you have a similar situation all over the Southwest.” And “the traditional pattern of drinking in Mexico is one of infrequent drinking of high amounts.”

The Record of Stockton affirmed that truth. “The Latino community creates its own problems,” Joe Ynostroza, an expert on Hispanics and alcoholism, told the paper. “The problem is especially acute in Mexico,” the paper averred. “Most of this is first- or second-generation Mexican males,” Ynostroza said. “Alcoholism runs rampant in the Mexican Latino community.”

In the words of one Hispanic cop: “It’s a cultural thing.”

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Answer by STEVE R
Alcohol seems to reek of your question, why not realize the other people sober that cause accidents and tragedy? Shall sober people not realize the deaths they are causing?

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