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Can Weed Help Crack Addiction?

Question by : Can weed help crack addiction?

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Answer by dawicker104
No, once your addicted to crack smoking majuanna will not stop your crack addiction.

If you want to stop your addiction you will have to detox from crack first, then get treatment for any medical, phyiscal or psycological problems you may have.

Then begin a long term recovery program like the 12 Step program.

Please consider going to a doctor toget help so you can stop using crack, don’t think that taking another drug is going to solve your problem.

Drug addiction is such a lonely disease!

As they become more dependent on their drug of choice, people isolate themselves, cutting themselves off from family, friends and activities they used to enjoy. Even when they want to come out of that world, they think they can or must do it alone.

Not true!

The last thing a person needs at the very beginning of recovery is to be alone.

The addict will say,

“I’ll cut back,” or

“I just have to have the will power to stop doing drugs.”

One addict told me that the only way for him to get clean was for him to do all of the work, there was no other way.

What he was not considering is that as human beings, we are not wired that way. We are wired for relationship. We are not meant for isolation.

Moreover, what if I told you that you can’t do it all on your own strength, that you need something from somebody else? The Cocaine 12-step recovery process for recovery was first created in the 1930’s, by Alcoholics Anonymous, but over the last 70 plus years, over 250 self-help groups have adopted these steps.

Why? Because they work!

In my group discussions at a residential drug rehab center, we discuss how people are body, mind and spirit. Granted, our spirits can be strong and our determination staunch, but the greater power is outside of us. That is the power that only God can provide.

Cocaine 12-step recovery — What is it like?

Imagine yourself in the kitchen to make yourself a piece of toast. You have everything you need. But when you push down the lever to lower the bread into the toaster, nothing happens. You have done every correctly, so you double check — bread, butter, jam, knife, plate – and you see that everything is in place. But there is one item missing. You have no power to make the toaster work. After a brief “ah ha” moment you plug the toaster in and shortly thereafter enjoy your toast.

The Cocaine 12-step recovery process is similar to making toast in one respect, you have to plug into a power source, and when you do, everything can start to work. We believe that people are not meant to be alone, to handle the everyday challenges of life. It follows that people are certainly not meant to be alone during the very hard times. Whatever the power source, it is vital to the process.

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