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Taking Aim at 12-Step Programs

Taking Aim at 12-Step Programs
But while there is some scientific data for cognitive behavior therapy in addiction, there is little to no evidence that psychodynamic therapy is effective for any type of drug abuse. The authors' blanket claim of efficacy for their own cherished …
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From the psychiatrist who'd never take anti-depressants, to the heart doctor
Techniques based on changing behaviour (similar to cognitive behavioural therapy), combined with strategies such as keeping a food diary and setting realistic goals, are what really help people lose weight effectively. Diets which encourage polarised …
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Compassion Focused Therapy teach sufferers to be nice to themselves
Today, after two courses of cognitive behavioural therapy – the standard NHS treatment for anxiety – proved ineffective, Amelia is finally being helped by a new type of psychological intervention: compassion focused therapy (CFT). Inspired by Buddhism …
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Seeing My GP/Crisis Intervention Team in an Hour. Should I Tell Them This?

Question by Mouche: Seeing my GP/Crisis intervention team in an hour. Should I tell them this?
Today I got the tape measure out of the kitchen drawer. I measured the circumference of my thighs, hips, chest, arms and neck. If I look back over my measurements since last November, I have generally taken off 5 inches all over. I promised myself 6 by my wedding day. With 5 weeks to go, that is still another inch. I know I can – I will achieve that if I reach the date.
So I looked at the measurements. I took an old pair of trousers out of my wardrobe and slipped them over my running shorts. Fair enough, they were huge. I know that I wore them when I was at my heaviest weight and even then the seams were loose, because I would rather squeeze into a smaller size than buy new clothes. Without even realising or thinking, I had taken myself downstairs, grabbed a pair of scissors, cut them to shreds and collapsed in tears on my bed. I took the longest strip I could find and tied six knots inwards from each end. I measured the last knot so that it was exactly an inch and a half smaller than my neck circumference, and put the strip around my neck. I turned off the phones, and turned on the TV. Every 5 or 10 minutes I tightened the material so that it was closer and closer towards the smallest point. I eventually got to the knot which was before the cut off point where I knew I would probably stop breathing. I must have measured or counted wrong because I then found myself waking up with the cats asleep on my chest and legs.
All I can think about now is that if I had gone that one knot further…
The thing is, I do not want to die. I just wish I had never been born in the first place. I am not so naive as to think that if I did die, nobody would be affected. I have just seen firsthand what death does to a family. What it looks like. That is why things have changed today. I don’t think I would consider slashing my wrists with a kitchen knife, as I previously thought. It’s too messy. Although I must admit the thought of drawing blood at the moment is particularly appealing as a form of release, nothing else.
I desperately want something to change my mind. I want there to be something, someone in my life that makes living seem to be a slight advantage, but at the moment I am so riddled with guilt and self-loathing that I can’t see it. Maybe that is what separates me from the rest. I really, really hope that I find that something before it is too late. I don’t want to reach the last knot, but I’m coming to terms with the fact that it is a possibility.
I have been diagnosed with Bulimia in the last 6 weeks, having suffered from in for 11 years.

Cape Addiction Specialists Take Heat for Roles in the Medical Marijuana Business

Cape addiction specialists take heat for roles in the medical marijuana business
And Holly Carroll, Gosnold's intervention coordinator and family specialist, will serve as vice president of Compassionate Care with a projected salary of $ 100,000, Stormo said. Carroll is also a member of the Cape's nonprofit Freedom from Addiction …
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Ohio congressman says Putin may make case for more defense spending
He said area hospitals are planning an “intervention” program for addicted women who are pregnant or who may be. Details for the program were scarce Friday, but Turner's staff said invitations may soon be sent for the program's inaugural event.
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Full Legalization of Marijuana Offers Many Challenges

Full legalization of marijuana offers many challenges
“This is something we need to address sooner rather than later, and it's not going away anytime soon,” Scott E. Yasko, a national account executive with Prium, a Georgia-based medical intervention company, said during a panel discussion at the National …
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Employers can play a role in early monitoring and intervention for substance abuse
TORONTO, May 1, 2014 /CNW/ – Cira Medical Services (Cira) advocates for diagnosis and support for individuals challenged with substance abuse. The recent announcement by Toronto's Mayor serves as a cautionary example of the financial and human …

The Public Eye: Daughter suing Sacramento County, ex-coroner for handling of
… which has held 2,000 funerals across the country for veterans who would have been unrecognized if not for the organization's research and intervention. Veterans often come back from war with mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction and other …
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Why Do Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs Cost So Much?

Question by destinie_cx: Why do drug and alcohol treatment programs cost so much?
These kinds of programs are so costly. Sometimes I think that they’re after the profit, and not really there because they want to help.

Best answer:

Answer by carmen da
Well, drug and alcohol treatment programs aren’t schemes to rip off people. The thing is, it takes money to build a treatment center. When you get yourself checked up by a doctor, you pay fees, right? Alcohol and drug addiction are both chronic disorders and just like diseases, you would need to get yourself treated for them. Treatment costs much because there are still medications to buy as well as people to pay for the services that they render for the patients’ betterment. Besides, a thousand dollars is nothing compared to the life of a person that treatment gets to save.

Minnesota Channel – Life After Meth

Minnesota Channel – Life After Meth — Methamphetamine addiction is a disease that devastates indivdiuals and families. Fortunately it is a treatable disease. Each years thousands of people receiv…

Rising meth use takes toll on addicts, law enforcement
Basically what it boils down to is me sitting in a house with my shades drawn, all my curtains drawn, the lights all off and smoking meth by myself,” she said recently, standing in the kitchen of the Bangor Area Recovery Network's home in Brewer on the …
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Former meth addict graduates from Notre Dame de Namur Univeristy
Aya Lanzarin, 37, a former meth addict who's in recovery, was awarded her bachelor's degree in graphic design at the Notre Dame de Namur University commencement ceremony on Saturday. rss-image …
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