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Man: Divine Intervention Saved Me

Man: Divine intervention saved me
The family's kitchen and back deck were scorched. “I saw flames just roaring in the kitchen,” said Hicks. Hicks and his 18-year-old daughter were both sleeping inside when the fire broke out. He says he was woken up by a dark figure telling him to get out.
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Duck Dynasty stars Jase and Missy Robertson reveal miscarriage and family
Thankfully, through a family intervention the young man saw his way through the crisis, which was spurred on by the popularity and sudden fame of their A&E series. But the family experienced another crisis recently when the clan's patriarch, Phil, 67 …
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Drug Flunks Test in Cancer-Related Fatigue

Drug Flunks Test in Cancer-Related Fatigue
"Compared with traditional drugs, such as methylphenidate, it has a relatively selective site in the brain, with fewer adverse effects and lower abuse potential," the authors noted in their introduction. Interest in modafinil for treatment of cancer …
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Aid for families struggling with addiction
At 7 p.m. May 19, “Substance Abuse Treatment Options: Exploring Evidence-Based Practices and Interventions” will be presented by Paul Lauridsen, the clinical director of Stepping Stones Treatment and Recovery Center in Joliet. A support group session …
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State Committee Hears Testimony on Drug Epidemic

State Committee Hears Testimony on Drug Epidemic
"This community and this commonwealth both need to become leaders not only in prevention and strict enforcement but also a commitment to addicts for the long-term, insurance-covered, dual-diagnosis treatment." District Attorney David Capeless has laid …

Lakeview Health to Better Address “Dual Diagnosis” Addiction Treatment with
Lakeview Health has announced the transition of Dr. Kevin Holbert to the role of associate medical director to advance the practice of addiction medicine at the center. The goal is to help improve the treatment programs in cases that are classified as …
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Homeless shelter director suggests closing it down
The clients identified as chronically homeless are typically "dual-diagnosis," meaning they have a mental health condition and an addiction to drugs or alcohol, she said. Some refuse to take their prescribed medication, don't want to work and tend to …
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How Do I Become an Addiction Specialist?

Question by Beth C: How do I become an addiction specialist?
I am a social work student. My ultimate goal is to become an addiction specialist and interventionist. What should I get my masters in? Counseling? Psych? SW?

Best answer:

Answer by abricru
I guess different schools have different programs. I couldn’t find too much on it, but some were:

Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology
Master’s Degree in Management of Substance Abuse Services
Master’s Degree in any of the “Healing Arts” (whatever that is)
Masters in Psychotherapy Counseling
Masters degree in Social Work

From what I read it seems that each state has its own requirements to become a licensed addiction specialist. You might check into the requirements for your state.

Hope that helps a little :)

Pair Opens 'recovery-based' Center to Treat Addictions

Pair opens 'recovery-based' center to treat addictions
The center isn't limited to treatment of substance abuse in the form of opiates, cocaine, prescription medications, alcohol and, as Bierman put it, "every chemical you can be dependent on." It also treats sexual, gambling and shopping addictions as …
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Rockford IL Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Residential Treatment Program
Entering a residential treatment facility can seem scary and intimidating for a practicing drug addict. The person is making an outward sign of an inward commitment to get clean and sober from drugs forever. Yet the center has years of experience with …

Other Therapeutic Options for Drug Dependents
… far from being perfect, the Start Fresh Program boasts an 85% success rate of maintaining sobriety up to one year of program start date. This is much better compared to the 40-60% relapse rate experienced by individuals in traditional …
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The Cheapest Beach Badges in New Jersey: Atlantic City Tops List

The Cheapest Beach Badges in New Jersey: Atlantic City Tops List
We added a new list, based on statistics provided by the Division of Addiction Services in the New Jersey Department of Human Services., that show how insidious this disease of drug abuse is, and how the problem can impact an area that's unlikely suspect.

Caution on drugs menace
Beware, it could be signs of addiction. With real-life incidents, statistics and region-specific figures, the Narcotics Control Bureau, in association with FACES and EduAims, held a seminar at the Park Hotel on Monday. Representatives from over 50 …
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Forum puts focus on heroin boom
The Senate Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction met at Hunt Union at the SUNY Oneonta. Attendees also included senate task force … The state and national statistics mirror what is going on here, Seward said. In 2011, he said, 2,051 people died …
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