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How Come So Many Doctors Are SO Oblivious to Borderline Perosnality Disorder?

Question by d_q_420: How Come So Many Doctors Are SO Oblivious to Borderline Perosnality Disorder?
I suffer from that as well other disorders I’d rather not discuss @ the risk of being ridiculed. I have no job so no health insurance and the “Free Services” in Houston suck ass. Does anyone else have trouble finding therapists or shrinks that know that heck Borderline is? I have also taken all meds (almost ) under the sun.

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Answer by Southwind
Personality disorders are difficult to diagnose and treat. Many symptoms of a personality disorder may fit more closely into an Axis I diagnosis. We are learning more about certain personality disorders, but borderline is a very difficult one to pin down and often you have to go through a series of “ruling out” other possibilities. I also believe therapist are reluctant to diagnose it because there is little that can be done to treat it other than to get the person involved in a social support group, talk therapy and possible medication for SYMPTOMS (not to cure the situation).

Someone diagnosed you with Borderline Personality…or is that what you diagnosed yourself (no biggy, a lot of people do that). Some colleges, hospitals and community mental health centers offer services based on income. Good luck.


Answer by wendy c
Hi, Kay…
Anyone having a diagnosis, needs to do a lot of self educating. My daughter is bipolar, so I have researched that, as well as borderline, since they are often confused.
I hope this will make sense, and not be taken as criticism. What I recall of borderline is that there is OFTEN difficulty with therapists/ or psychiatrists, that is in itself PART of the borderline. Having to do with trust issues, that are part of the disorder, and obviously that distrust extends to the very ones trying to treat.
In other words… the very things that make up borderline are the same things that interfere with getting help.
Having said that… I had years of pure pure hell with many psychiatrists, who put my child’s life in danger, because of their own egos, and not willing to listen to what was really going on. Must be in the water in Texas . It is hard to find ANY good therapist. I live near Dallas.
Hard as it might be, look for the criteria for borderline and try to be open with yourself, as to what really fits. And see if you can find techniques for yourself that help with the different issues. It may not cure it, but it might give you some help.

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