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Strange Therapist?

Question by Cathy S: Strange therapist?
Please I need some advice. I’ve been going to a therapist who is basically not nice. When I’ve tried to stop going I’m always given a hard time. Now, I’m going to find a new therapist but I’m nervous. The last one would ask me definitions of unusual words and smirk if I couldn’t come up with the right answer, mock me, and more I will not go into… I’d leave crying. I have average intelligence, I’m not a genius, what kind of pleasure would someone who is supposed to help you get from mocking a person? How do you check out a therapist to be sure they do not have a mean streak? When I go to the new person should I mention the last therapist had a mean streak or just say I needed a change. I’m really afraid to get help now and I have depression.

LaKisha Bridgewater – Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW) Counselor

LaKisha Bridgewater – Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW) Counselor

New fast-track programme will train top graduates to work as mental health
Demand for adult social workers is high: a third of all families includes someone who is mentally ill, while one in four people will experience a mental health problem during their lifetime. In 2010, more than 1.25 million people used specialist NHS …
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Lawmakers budget 0000 for youth mental health services in Hamptons
Fine contacted elected officials, who put together a task force of school officials and health care professionals. They wrote a draft plan for improving services on the South Fork, which calls for the hiring of a child psychiatrist and two social …
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Inpatient Treatment for Depression?

Question by : Inpatient Treatment for Depression?
It started with really bad social anxiety and now i have “severe depression” and i cut a lot… my psychiatrist wants to put me in an inpatient care facility and i was just wondering what it’s like. I don’t really get the point, though, because there is no way i’m ever going to get better. Thanks. by the way i’m fifteen.

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Laredo TX Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces New Intervention Program

Laredo TX Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces New Intervention Program
Laredo TX Alcohol Drug Rehab is announcing a new intervention program is available for those adults and adolescents in Laredo and nearby South Texas cities. If a man or woman is totally engulfed in their drugs of choice, then they simply do not care …
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Drug overdose intervention bill clears Minn. Senate
John Wright · Top Commenter · Maple Grove, Minnesota. Democrats want to help drug dealers, cops go to a house person OD-ing, meth lab cooking, pounds of weed around, but police can't touch or use it as evidence, because they entered with no warrant.
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Staying Safe Intervention reduced HCV, HIV risk in drug users
The Staying Safe Intervention program reduced risk factors for contracting hepatitis C virus infection and HIV among people who inject drugs, according to recent study data. Researchers from New York University's Center for Drug Use and HIV Research …
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School-Wide Drug Testing: Gilmour Students React

School-wide drug testing: Gilmour students react
Kiley Eble, a junior at Gilmour Academy, answers questions after it was announced that the school would administer random drug testing Tuesday, April 29, 2014. Gilmour Academy is one of three schools that will start this next year. The other two are St.
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Controversy Erupts Over O.penVAPE's DrugTesting Policy
One of Colorado's most successful canna-businesses, O.penVAPE is taking heat over its decision to drug test employees. Though on-the-job marijuana use is not allowed, the focus of the policy is on "dangerous drugs." Tom Angell, who heads the Marijuana …
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Hi-Way Diner Waitress Overcomes Alcoholism, Seeks to Help Others

Hi-Way Diner waitress overcomes alcoholism, seeks to help others
Urbaetis has been to numerous treatment centers for her alcoholism. … In March 2013, she was arrested in Scottsbluff and charged with felony possession of meth with intent to deliver, a charge that carries a two- to four-year jail sentence. She spent …
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C-Falls woman sentenced for operating a meth lab
Flathead County District Court Judge Robert Allison sentenced Kemppainen to seven years with the Montana Department of Corrections with five suspended and a recommendation for placement at the Passages or Elkhorn treatment centers followed by …
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