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Were There Any Interesting Storylines Surrounding the Gay Kid in “Desperate Housewives?”?

Question by plattersby: Were there any interesting storylines surrounding the gay kid in “Desperate Housewives?”?
I never watched the show until a few re-runs I saw recently. I notice one of the women (Bree?) has a gay son. Did the writers ever create any drama (or comedy) around this guy, or was he always just a sidelight?

Best answer:

Answer by Trey M
Andrew Van de Kamp was a fairly major player in the show. He had all kinds of problems with his parents’ divorce and became a problem child during that process, first angry with his mother and later with his father, because of his father’s wild adultery. During this time, he ran down Carlos Solis’ mother while drunk and put her in a coma. He also got caught smoking pot so Bree had him kicked off the school swim team. He eventually got expelled from school so they sent him to boot camp, which is where he first told his father he thought he was gay, but Bree walked in on that and immediately wanted him removed from boot camp since she feared boot camp had made him that way.

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Southwest Counseling Associates – At Southwest Counseling Associates we provide our patients with top notch t…


Maintenance man: Fixing broken doors and broken hearts

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Having a bachelor's degree in psychology, a master's degree in clinical psychology, an educational specialist degree in counseling and a doctoral candidate in counselor education through the University of Arkansas, Agee has held many jobs through the …
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Charity Briefs for Dec. 24, 2013

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Filling pantries: Working to meet unprecedented demand at its pantries in Worth and Summit, Catholic Charities southwest regional office is accepting donations of food and money earmarked for the pantries at its office, 7000 W. 111th St. in Worth. Call …
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The Handicaps – U-TRACKS Live (Telephone Therapy) 1979


The Handicaps – U-TRACKS live (Telephone therapy) 1979 – Utalpo: (YT archief voor) Utrechtse Alternatieve Popmuziek Band: The Handicaps Titel: Telephone Therapy Beeld registratie van d…


Axelar announces final data from Phase II study with AXL1717 in lung cancer

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For further information, please contact: Torbjörn Bjerke, CEO, Karolinska Development AB Phone: +46 (0)72 744 41 23, e-mail: [email protected] Mikael von Euler, CEO, Axelar AB Phone: +46 (0)73 808 5353, e-mail: mikael.voneuler …
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CEL-SCI Corporation Announces Closing of Public Offering and Exercise of

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Copies of the final prospectus supplement relating to the offering may be obtained from the offices of Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd., 546 Fifth Avenue, 5th Floor, New York, NY, 10036, telephone: 212-953-4900, or from the above-mentioned SEC website. This …
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What Good Is MLB Drug Policy When Pitchers Usually Don’t Get Punished?

Question by 6: What good is MLB drug policy when pitchers usually don’t get punished?
It’s usually only the position players who get punished. And I have seen more outrage from fans when position players get a positive test than when it’s a pitcher. It’s a joke there is no real punishment here. Betancourt and Mitre both served their suspension on the DL. Volquez will serve his on the DL. And I saw reports he won’t appeal, well no s—! Appealing would just delay his suspension and since he’s on the DL it makes no sense for him to do that.

Best answer:

Answer by Mr.B
All those pitchers are still being punished – sure they are allowed to rehab but they do not get paid during that time. They are losing fifty days pay (almost 1/3 of their annual salary).

Facilitating Client Centered Learning for LPC, LMHC, and Addiction Counselor CEUs


Facilitating Client Centered Learning for LPC, LMHC, and Addiction Counselor CEUs – Facilitating Client Centered Learning based on a new best practice. Objectives Explain why client-centered learning is important Differentiate traditional te…


by naadac

Resolve for better health in 2014

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Through the Quitter in You campaign you can call or chat with a friendly and supportive cessation counselor or join the Freedom From Smoking Online program. In addition to quitting, there … More can and must be done to help all smokers end their …
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De Blasio's Daughter Chiara Reveals Her Battle With Drug Abuse And Depression

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What Exactly Is a Therapeutic Community?

Question by steel9maiden: What exactly is a therapeutic community?
Could you go into some detail please; the stuff that I found on Google gave one-sentence answers and were not very enlightening.

Best answer:

Answer by soyabeanlover
support group ? ? Not sure myself :p

Answer by trackhunni08
a place that people with problems go kind of like a mental hospital lol

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Answers in Addiction – Outpatient treatment – Answers in Addiction – Outpatient treatment.


Prescription pain pills often lead to harder drugs — and to Camden

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Kyle (above and below), a 26-year-old drug addict, injects heroin behind an abandoned building in South Camden. Kyle began taking prescription painkillers after being injured in a car accident. He eventually turned to heroin. / Photos by Chris …
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