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Abuse of Youth in Residential Treatment: A Call to Action Pt. 1


Abuse of Youth in Residential Treatment: A Call to Action Pt. 1 – Part 1 of 3 – Opening Remarks by Robert Friedman.


EDITORIAL: Harris must play it straight

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"Potential net additional tax revenues in the low hundreds of millions of dollars annually … a portion of which is required to be spent on education, health care, public safety, drug abuse education and treatment, and the regulation of commercial …
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Huffing: A cheap thrill that wrecks lives

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Draper's parents wanted to help him get clean, so they set him up with inpatient drug treatment at the VA hospital in Boise. That brought Draper to the Treasure Valley in early 2011. The treatment ended, and Draper got a job as a server at a Boise …
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NARCONON Georgia Drug Education.


NARCONON Georgia drug education. – The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program has resulted in astonishing improvements in students who consistently report: – Ability to think more clearly. -…


Bullock applauds new addiction treatment center in Butte

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It will continue to be the only inpatient treatment center for alcohol and drug addiction administered by the state, but officials say its layout, rooms and amenities will be more conducive to treatment. Patients are screened and referred to that level …
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Narconon Freedom Center Offers Help To Veterans Struggling With Rx Drug

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Narconon Freedom Center, a drug rehab facility, is responding to the story CBS News broke this fall with a holiday special offer for veterans. The CBS story ( revealed …
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How Do I Tell My Parents I Want to Go to Rehab?

Question by emo_cuttie: how do i tell my parents i want to go to rehab?
Im 14 and i started smoking weed at 10, last year i got into harder stuff. This year i’ve decided toget my life back on track. My parents know that iv done drugs here and there, but they dont know the extent of my habit. I dont know how to tell them that i need rehab without them blowing up at me, we have a very strained relationship as it is.

Best answer:

Answer by cubanchica198716
i dont think they should get mad..i mean ur trying to better urself and thats always good! good job though! im glad u’ve decided to get ur life straight..just let them know…they will probably get mad..but its all for the better..good luck

Answer by shyri1987
just sit down with your mom and say mom i think i need help pleaee dont get mad i just need help

My Sisters Boyfriend Is a Complete Loser Asshole, and I Know Hes Using My Sister. How Can I Brake Them Up?

Question by mikenobitz: My sisters boyfriend is a complete loser asshole, and I know hes using my sister. How can I brake them up?
He always says he loves her, but its bullshit. I as a guy know what he’s thinking, I used to be friends with him before they went out. He’s in for the sex, and he does dozens of drugs ranging from acid ecstacy weed to random pills, my sister smokes weed now because of him. Im sick of this shiyt, I need a way to break them up before i kick his ass.

Best answer:

Answer by Aneena
First questions are for you: are you really sure he doesn’t love her? And if he is in for the sex, is it possible that she is too? Are they really that incompatible that they can’t make this work and help each other out of the substance abuse cycle? Are you sure you are the right person to judge whether they are right for each other and execute on your decision? Does your sister need / want your involvement?

Addiction Hotline Help


addiction hotline help – Calling an addiction hotline is one of the easiest ways to inquire about treatment options and locate rehabilitation facilities near you,G96dl1STU7. One of t…


School Presentation Help-Narconon?

Question by Nick: School Presentation Help-Narconon?
I did almost all of it.. but I cant find anything else really anywhere. The presentation is about the Narconon Drug Rehab facility (Mostly the one in Albion Michigan) The things I need are
“The categories of service offered by the facility”
“What types of techniques, activities, and programs are offered to help the individual(s)?”
and that’s it. I cant find these answers.

Also if you can please include your resources. Please and thank you.

And I know most people just dont give you the answers.. so if you could show me a link to something that helps that’s fine too. Thanks :)

Best answer:

Answer by Caliban
Since the organization is operating worldwide its services should be the same
at every location.

Answer by Steven
“The categories of service offered by the facility.”