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School Presentation Help-Narconon?

Question by Nick: School Presentation Help-Narconon?
I did almost all of it.. but I cant find anything else really anywhere. The presentation is about the Narconon Drug Rehab facility (Mostly the one in Albion Michigan) The things I need are
“The categories of service offered by the facility”
“What types of techniques, activities, and programs are offered to help the individual(s)?”
and that’s it. I cant find these answers.

Also if you can please include your resources. Please and thank you.

And I know most people just dont give you the answers.. so if you could show me a link to something that helps that’s fine too. Thanks :)

Best answer:

Answer by Caliban
Since the organization is operating worldwide its services should be the same
at every location.

Answer by Steven
“The categories of service offered by the facility.”

Mostly a bunch of Scientology-based practices like screaming at ashtrays, denying medical treatment to people so they die, insurance fraud, getting raided by the police and getting shut down by government health agencies.

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