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My Sisters Boyfriend Is a Complete Loser Asshole, and I Know Hes Using My Sister. How Can I Brake Them Up?

Question by mikenobitz: My sisters boyfriend is a complete loser asshole, and I know hes using my sister. How can I brake them up?
He always says he loves her, but its bullshit. I as a guy know what he’s thinking, I used to be friends with him before they went out. He’s in for the sex, and he does dozens of drugs ranging from acid ecstacy weed to random pills, my sister smokes weed now because of him. Im sick of this shiyt, I need a way to break them up before i kick his ass.

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Answer by Aneena
First questions are for you: are you really sure he doesn’t love her? And if he is in for the sex, is it possible that she is too? Are they really that incompatible that they can’t make this work and help each other out of the substance abuse cycle? Are you sure you are the right person to judge whether they are right for each other and execute on your decision? Does your sister need / want your involvement?

But if you still feel inclined to “Help”, remember that the only way for this couple to split up is to have THEM (her) make that decision. So talk to her, give her examples of his questionable behavior, bring in witnesses or possibly a professional (psychologist / counselor).

In any case, keep your arguments calm, reasonable, non-accusatory, non-hostile. The more you can argue with concern for her and fairness to him the more your sister will listen.

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