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Drug Detox Treatment Facilities in Connecticut 1 800 303 2938


drug detox treatment facilities in Connecticut 1 800 303 2938


El Paso Treatment Center Announces Adult, Adolescent Programs to Tackle

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There are many excellent choices if you are looking for a drug detox center, but you will need to think about how you can get the right treatment you need. Think about the challenges you may face while you go through detox treatment services. Some …
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Amanda Bynes Steps Out for the First Time Since Leaving Rehab


Amanda Bynes steps out for the first time since leaving rehab – Search Results News for Amanda Bynes steps out for the first time … Judge ‘irritated’ as Amanda Bynes fails to appear in court over bong-throwing incident….


Addiction treatment center director offers advice for helping addicts

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Its Plymouth facility offers residential and outpatient addiction treatment and adolescent and young adult services. Tim Budig is at [email protected]. (Editor's note: Read about efforts at the Capitol to make a drug antidote more widely available …
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Gilbert Treatment Center Launches Program to Stop Prescription Drug Abuse

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Once people leave the treatment center, outpatient care and support is strongly suggested by counselors. Transitioning back into the “real world” takes time, too, and outpatient treatment allows clients an opportunity to share their victories and …
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Candy Crush Rehab Center (Parody)


Candy Crush Rehab Center (Parody) – If you or someone you know has the world’s newest addiction, now there’s a place where you can be cured… hopefully… NEW A.P.T. & Kaptain Kutta album, “Ma…


Rennes Health and Rehab Center to double patient beds

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WESTON — An Everest-area assisted living and rehabilitation center recently broke ground on a new addition that will more than double the number of patients it can serve. Rennes Health and Rehabilitation Center, 4605 Valdres Springs Court, Weston, …
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Radel checks into Florida rehab center

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“Today, I checked myself into a facility to seek treatment and counseling. It is my hope, though this process, I will come out a better man,” Radel said. “I will work hard to gain back the trust and supports of my constituents, friends and most …
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Alcohol Treatment Center in Arizona | Call 800-303-2938 for QUESTIONS


Alcohol Treatment Center in Arizona | Call 800-839-1682 For QUESTIONS – Alcohol Treatment Center in Arizona – Call 800-839-1682 For QUESTIONS There are a lot of services that we offer from our Alcohol Treatment Center in Arizona….


Katie Thompson of Castlewood Treatment Center Featured on KPLR 11 News

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Ms. Katie Thompson, LPC, NCC of Castlewood Treatment Center was a featured expert on Afternoons on 11 recently, talking about the topic of emotional eating. Ms. Thompson spoke with KPLR's April Simpson about the triggers for emotional eating, the …
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Urgent Care Center less expensive and quicker but not appropriate for sickest

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Local Best Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Nevada 1-855-602-5102


Local Best Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Nevada 1-855-602-5102 – Call 1-855-602-5102 Local Best Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Nevada Top Reasonably priced…


Tips for staying sober during the holiday social drinking season

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To help those in recovery navigate through New Year's Eve successfully and stay sober, substance abuse and addiction expert Janina Kean, President/CEO of High Watch Recovery Center — the world's first 12 Step treatment center — is offering several …
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Holiday stresses could mean relapse for addicts

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Treatment centers say all of the holiday preparations, parties and family gatherings can be a bad mix for people who have struggled with alcohol and substance abuse in the past. “Trying to balance that is stressful,” Katie Sweeny a licensed counselor …
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What Careers Are Out There That Work With Autistic and Down Syndrome Children?

Question by Ashley L: What careers are out there that work with autistic and down syndrome children?
I am a junior in college and my major is Special Education. I want to teach special education, but I was thinking about continuing my education and getting a masters in Psychology. My dream job would be working with autistic or down syndrome children in the hospital atmosphere. Do you know of any other careers other than Special Education? Thanks =)

Best answer:

Answer by tushanna_m
Still within special education is “gifted” teacher. In my experience many of the “gifted” children have a form of autism called Asperger Syndrome, which is what makes them “gifted” in certain areas and lacking in others such as socialization and people skills.

Another job series involving many autistic and down syndrome children is neurotherapy. Neurotherapy clinics typically have speech pathologist, physical therapist, and occupational therapists. These are usually clinics where patients come in for treatment sessions of 1 hr increments.