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The Lighter Side of the Recovery Place Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facility


The lighter side of The Recovery Place Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facility


Butler Twp. rehab center plans nixed

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Developers have abandoned plans for opening an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center near a golf center on St. Johns Road in Butler Township. Dr. Jude Sidari and John Darrow announced Thursday that they're exploring "alternate sites" for the proposed …
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Carter drug rehab facility rejected

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Dec. 4, 2013 — The brakes have been put on a plan to build an in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Grayson. Pathways originally approached the Boyd County Fiscal Court for permission to locate the facility near the Cedar Knoll …
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The Addiction Show With Minnesota Alternatives


The Addiction Show with Minnesota Alternatives – The Addiction Show with Minnesota Alternatives, Founder Paula DeSanto, Minnesota Alternatives Minnesota Alternatives provides adult outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment and Consultation…


Treatment center ceremony planned – Governor among dignitaries to attend

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Steve Bullock will join local officials, business leaders and others in Butte on Wednesday to dedicate the $ 5 million Montana Chemical Dependency Center. The new building on East Mercury Street will provide around-the-clock, inpatient care and …
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Facility Would Provide Comprehensive Treatment

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McLean Hospital, founded in 1811, is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital in the Boston area and is a world leader in the treatment of chemical dependency and mental illness and research into the causes of mental illness. It has trained generations of …

Midland Medication Take-Back Event Fights to End Prescription Drug Abuse


Midland Medication Take-Back Event Fights to End Prescription Drug Abuse – On Saturday, the Midland Coalition coordinated a major medication take-back event at Fairmont Park Church of Christ. Getting rid of your medication is as eas…


Alle-Kiski drug take-back program goes year-round to battle abuse

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The drug take-back initiative “is an important step in alleviating Pennsylvania's public health and safety concerns regarding prescription drug abuse and misuse, especially among our youth who don't have to look further than their own family's medicine …
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Anti-drug program hosts annual holiday celebration

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The 32-year-old Anaheim Hills mother of five was among those at a Saturday afternoon holiday party at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Ana, sponsored by the Orange County Sheriff's Advisory Council's anti-drug program, Drug Abuse is Life Abuse.
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Pennsvania Needs Your Help


Pennsvania needs your help – This video was uploaded from an Android phone.


Scituate FACTS Coalition: Parents: Learn strategies to prevent drug abuse

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We researched education programs that are proven to work, asked other communities, and found an award-winner: Guiding Good Choices.” 'GUIDING … Their research has shown that when children are bonded to their parents, school and non-drug-using peers …
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Vets return to streets to reach the homeless

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Then, once the vet gets into a house, officials arrange the support services the veteran will need to stay there, such as substance abuse counseling and job training. Typically, the federal government pays most of the cost for the home through a voucher.
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Residential Treatment Center Maine


residential treatment center maine –


Scotland Yard confirm they are investigating Nigella Lawson's cocaine and drug

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Despite previously saying that they would not be investigating the claims that the domestic goddess repeatedly took cocaine, Scotland Yard have dramatically decided that Nigella's drug use WILL be investigated. The sensational claims that the TV chef …
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Man walks 4000 miles to get closer to nature

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“I wanted to figure out why I was so addicted to being in this relationship.” … As a teen, he'd joined gangs, experimented with drugs, contemplated suicide. … Palacio experienced near-death experiences and divine interventions, but he made friends …
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How Should Parents and Family Members Deal With False Accusations?

Question by GoodQuestion: How should parents and family members deal with false accusations?
Parents and family members out there are being bombarded with dishonest cult-like religious and special interest groups that relatives or sons/ daughters have joined. How have you handled false accusations? If these groups are so legitmate why do they need to brainwash people against family members to get their way?

Best answer:

Answer by 2points
I’ve been in a far worse situation than that. Still dealing with it. Let you know how it turns out.

Answer by SisterGirl
In the 70s and 80s, this issue was in the forefront of the news. It saddens me to hear that some families are still suffering because of this.

I hate to tell you this, but there is nothing you can do to erase the false images planted in your kid’s mind. They are under the sway of a charismatic personality that is more powerful than any drug.