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Brain Injury?

Question by Jody: Brain injury?
my 17 year old sister was in a bad car accident thursday and medivac to a trama 1 hospital, she has 3 small brain bleed and one deep bleed, she is unconsious at this time but still has brain activity, she was able to have surgury to have her two broken femurs put back together, I was just curios to see if anyone else has gone through this themselves or are a close family member gone thorugh this, to help me through this. The doctors have given her a good chance of recovey. Please no negative comments this accident was an accident my sisters boy friend car hit an icepatch.
She is at the at one of the best Hospitals in America (Lehigh Valley), I am just glad she is alive, there was nothing left of the car and she was the worst injured.

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Answer by Brooks C
That is so sad. i have never gone through this myself, but im sure if you pray hard she will get better. I didnt used to believe in God until i prayed to him and asked him to help my step-father get through horrible leg injuries. the doctors said that there was a big chance the legs would have to come off. But i prayed to God every hour. and pretty soon he got better. i now go to church every Sunday.

but, what im trying to say is she’ll be okay. just pray hard.


Answer by 8p8a
First of all, they would not have done surgery on her if they did not think she would make it. You sister is young and otherwise healthy, which helps her chances. Is she still unconsoius because she is on a ventalator? That could be medication induced to force her to rest. Doctors are not usually optomistic about some like her unless they are confident that things are going well. So believe in them and you sister. It may take a while, but she will be alright. Keep the faith and say a prayer. And I will too!

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