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What Is This About “New Army Boot Camp” and How Has It Changed ?

Question by CJ: What is this about “New Army Boot Camp” and how has it changed ?
I have heard that army basic has become easier but not by much and I am curious because not even my recruiter could give me a straight answer so what is this about that the Army’s basic training has changed a lot and how I would really like to know before i ship and so I can explain it to the other Future Soldiers too because they are having the same problem can’t get a straight answer either.

Best answer:

Answer by mnbvcxz52773
Im not sure if you are refering to something new or not, but I do know that in 2003-2005 it underwent a big change.

For Alcohol Help, Boston Residents Turn to Us.


For alcohol help, Boston residents turn to us. – In need of alcohol help Boston? Drinking scene overwhelming? Our dual diagnosis program handles both mental health problems and gives alcohol help for Boston…


Diageo's Smart Serve website gives advice on selling alcohol

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Diageo and Pubs of Ulster has launched a new online resource – – to help small shop and bar owners sell and serve alcohol responsibly. Colin Neill, chief executive of Pubs of Ulster and Gemma Bell, head of responsible drinking at …
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Llandudno charity leads the way on nationwide service for veterans

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The charity will lead the Drug and Alcohol Charities Wales (DACW) consortium; a group of charities from across Wales, to deliver Change Step – a peer-mentoring service run by veterans for veterans – and Listen In, a sister-service designed to help …
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What Are the Tricks on Getting Ambien From Your Doctor?

Question by Jersey Kid: What are the tricks on getting Ambien from your doctor?

Best answer:

Answer by callmeporter
if this is important to you and you want a real professional to answer and not a bunch of bored people follow this link and ask there

Have You Ever Heard of a Marijuana Anonymous?

Question by Dairy’s Scary: Have you ever heard of a Marijuana Anonymous?
I haven’t.
Chris, I didn’t ask if you could google it for me. I asked if you had heard about it. Now edit your response to tell me you didn’t google it…
Croc, I would hope that level headedness and common sense, such that you obviously posses in this instance, rules the days ahead of us. And I go….in fear….just kidding. But seriously, you are right but things won’t change unless people like you take charge.

Best answer:

Answer by Self Made Man
I’ve heard of “Narcotics Anonymous”.

Not to be confused with “Narconon”, which is a Scientology front group.

Answer by Bob
Yes … all of the users … if they’re smart.

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Would You Sue Child Protective Services if They Wrongfully Took Your Child and the Child Died in Foster Care??

Question by Nyema: Would you sue child protective services if they wrongfully took your child and the child died in foster care??
I know a couple who had a 14 year old daughter who was a delinquent. They didn’t know what else to do, so they took her to cps and voluntarily placed her as a delinquent, in hopes to help the child.Cps made them pay child support while the child stayed in couseling and other treatments.The child started improving and wanted to come back home. The parents were made to pay a fee to keep the child in place there. When the mother lost her job due to no fault of her own, they could not make the payments and asked the social worker to lower the payement, the social worker refused and said that if they did not pay it, she would reverse the child status as voluntary and charge the parents with neglect for failing to provide help for the child. The child died while in a group home. The workers found her unconsciuos and she never regained conscious. She had a bruise on her head, and the workers say she may have fell and hit her head. We think someone may have did it. She was not suicidal? Help?

Understanding the Clans VI


Understanding the Clans VI – A presentation to the Youth Build Program students about the Clan System at New Beginnings in Redby on the Red Lake Indian Reservation.


Ellen Bowman, a builder of better lives with YouthBuild

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Dec. 16, 2013 — Sometimes all it takes to change someone's life for the better is a chance. For Ellen Bowman, working with young people has been a part of her life in one way or another for more than 15 years. She has been with YouthBuild since May of …
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Education Notes: Maske, director of UK Confucius Institute, ranked in Top 15

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