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What Are the Tricks on Getting Ambien From Your Doctor?

Question by Jersey Kid: What are the tricks on getting Ambien from your doctor?

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Answer by callmeporter
if this is important to you and you want a real professional to answer and not a bunch of bored people follow this link and ask there

Answer by Toss that Yeyo and Run
Not much you can with most doctors. I have a schizophrenia spectrum disorder of which insomnia is a major problem. I have seen so many different doctors and other prescribers I can’t even remember and I never had any one of them ever give into my request for this drug. I had maybe 5 doctors in the private sector prior to that and none of them would give me that either. Finally after I tried suicide and was in a mental hospital 5 times in less than 6 months they finally gave me ambien cause it was a way to keep me sedated. . As any doctor will tell you, if you take it everyday like I did it stops working after only a couple weeks and by that point your body is addicted and if you try to stop you will have more insomnia than you did before you started the drug. This drug also causes bizarre and dangerous behavior while you are in a sleep walking state and you will have no memory of it the next day. All this is why they don’t want to give it out. When it comes to pills I say the more the merrier, but this drug is no good and has a good chance getting you in serious trouble like the guy who sleep walked to his car and sleep drove away and got arrested for DUI.

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