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How Do You Identify a Legitimate Life Coach as Opposed to an Unqualified Quack?

Question by George Lass: How do you identify a legitimate life coach as opposed to an unqualified quack?
I need to set up an appointment to talk to somebody about practical dating and social skills advice. I want somebody licensed and experienced, ideally who will take psychological health insurance, but I don’t know the first thing about finding a good one and not just somebody who will take my money. How do you do it?

Best answer:

Answer by Derek
Find someone who generally wants to help people not someone that just wants money. Just look at their actions and you will know.

Answer by Angryflower1
You should check their experience and their qualifications to check if they’re to help you or to empty your wallet. I got a life coach/councelor for free where I live and it’s helped me a lot to the point I don’t feel afraid anymore. If they ask you for a price before getting to know you, forget it. There’s a lot of free services out there better than paying a humongous amount of dollars to some quack. Find out for these services online or ask for a friend or relative about it. Good Luck!

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