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How to Repair a Broken Relationship After Clinical Depression?

Question by Anthony G: How to repair a broken relationship after clinical depression?
I have been suffering from clinical depression and emotional drained / insulted my ex partner and pushed her away through the illness. I have recieved medical assistance over the past six weeks. Really wanted some ideas on how or if possible to get the relationship back on track. She has asked for space and i have been pain with texting and phoning over the last few weeks. Which i realise was not a good idea , i was so low in myself , Ideas welcome

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Answer by Alyssa-Jane
explain to her that although you pushed her away you miss her
say you pushed her away coz you didnt wanna drag her moods down with yours
and you miss her coz she still means a lot to you
and your hoping you can get a friendship or relationship back.

see how she feels, if she dnt want it be respectful bout it.
it prob hurt her to be pushed away.

Answer by dooeyona
I’ve been through the exact same thing. We don’t realise at the time how much stress we put on our partner. But it can be fixed. Your no1 priority right now is to get yourself 100% healthy. Give her the space she needs and when you are well try and sort things out with her. I’m assuming that you are still ill as 6 weeks is not nearly enough time to get over clinical depression. So give her a break from it, it is in her best interest and the best interest of your relationship.

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