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Is Jeremy Mayfield Finished in NASCAR?

Question by Madame Lynn: Is Jeremy Mayfield finished in NASCAR?
I’m beginning to think that he’s getting the Tim Richmond treatment:

“In 1990, The New York Times reported that Dr. Forest Tennant, who was at that time the National Football League’s drug adviser, “falsified drug tests”[20] that ultimately helped shorten Tim Richmond’s NASCAR career.[20] Washington television station WJLA-TV, in early 1990, reported that sealed court documents and interviews showed Tennant and NASCAR used “allegedly false drug-test results in 1988 to bar Richmond from racing”.[20] Reporter Roberta Baskin stated that NASCAR had targeted Richmond, requesting that Tennant establish a substance-abuse policy with Richmond in mind.[20] “A series of drug tests and falsely reported positive results shortly before the 1988 Daytona 500 kept Richmond from driving in what was to have been his last big race. . .”, the report said.[20] While neither Tennant nor NASCAR supplied an official response at the time, NASCAR did confirm that they were seeking to replace Tennant.”

NASCAR did Richmond wrong, IMHO, and has never apologized to his family and fans.

Your thoughts?
I agree with those of you who pointed out that Richmond’s situation was in a different era. To me, that makes NASCAR’s stance look worse. It’s wrong to ruin a man’s career without disclosing all the facts. Again, that’s just IMHO.

Best answer:

Answer by ICE
There is no list of drugs that are not allowed and their tolerances.
Jeremy took Clariton D.
There are 2 types of Clariton D. 24 hour and 12 hour. The 12 hours says take 1 tablet every 12 hours or 2 every 24 hours. The 24 hour tablet which is twice the amount of ingredients says 1 tablet every 24 hours.
On the instructions it doesn’t say you can not drive. It does say that taking more than the recommended amount can cause drowsiness. Jeremy said he took 2. Don’t know if that is 2 of the 24 hour tablets or 2 of the 12 hour tablets. Either way that is an easy mistake to make when taking over the counter drugs. If I had allergies and knew I had to race to be competitive I might be willing to pop an extra pill thinking it would help keep those allergies away while I am trying to drive and be competitive. If I had taken 2 pills before and knew the effects on my body then I would have seen no problem popping an extra pill trying to knock out the allergy.

The problem is is there is no list and the amount of allowances that the drivers can go by to know the tolerances. NASCAR’s substance abuse policy administrator, Dr. David Black, was asked about the Claritin D issue. Black said Claritin D is among the substances tested for, but he would not confirm whether that was the drug Mayfield used. Here is his response:

…. “I will say we have a threshold from something like Claritin D, so it’s a drug of concern,” Black said. “It could be that if an individual used Claritin D to excess that would be reason for action.”
…. Black said Claritin D can cause everything from a high heart rate to anxiety to a drastic change in body temperature.
…. “That would not be good for anybody driving,” he said.

NASCAR is full of gray areas. This drug abuse policy is a big gray area. It allows NASCAR to do what they want. The tolerances are way too low. A good lawyer could bust NASCAR’s butt for what they forced Jeremy to do. The man had to quit driving, sign his company over to his wife, and hire an outside driver to take his spot. They labeled him as a drug addict and want him to enter rehab. If Jeremy can prove his case with a hair follicle test then he needs to. This drug abuse policy needs to be adjusted before it gets out of hand.
A hair follicle test is 10 times more accurate than a urine test.
Adding to what was said below. I don’t understand why they are keeping Jeremy Mayfield’s results private when they posted Ron Hornaday’s case of steroid use all over the web.

Answer by J-Rod
unfortunately i think mayfield is done in nascar.they (nascar)need to clarify what he tested positive for,he could have taken claritin or even cold medicine,or he could have smoked marijuanna or crack but we will never for tim richmond failing his drug test it was that he said he was using over the counter cold medicine,but he was suffering from aids and he didn’t want anyone to know that he was sick.nascar did tim richmond wrong,he was a great driver and a great person.

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