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Where Can I Find Choral Music for ‘What Is a Youth”?

Question by Ryan: Where can I find choral music for ‘What is a Youth”?
I was listening to this song the other day and I just thought it was the most beautiful piece I’ve ever heard. I’m looking for the music cause I wanna be able to sing it, and possibly use it for my school’s audition choir next year (I made it this year).

I actually sing bass, but I could easily transpose because I think it is only written for tenor. Thanks so much!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Birdgirl
You want a choral arrangement or a solo arrangement? Is this the theme from Zeffirelli’s “Romeo & Juliet”?

I saw a couple of sites that supposedly offered free downloads, but since this is copyrighted music, I didn’t trust the sites enough to click any of them on. You aren’t dealing with very reputable people sometimes.

The song is also known (with different lyrics) as “A Time for Us”

There are several arrangements of this version available at
(The great thing about this source, is that you can order it in one of several keys and save yourself the trouble of transposing the thing yourself. Of course, you will have to write in the other lyrics) (warning–annoying pop up ads)

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