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Why Do Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs Cost So Much?

Question by destinie_cx: Why do drug and alcohol treatment programs cost so much?
These kinds of programs are so costly. Sometimes I think that they’re after the profit, and not really there because they want to help.

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Answer by carmen da
Well, drug and alcohol treatment programs aren’t schemes to rip off people. The thing is, it takes money to build a treatment center. When you get yourself checked up by a doctor, you pay fees, right? Alcohol and drug addiction are both chronic disorders and just like diseases, you would need to get yourself treated for them. Treatment costs much because there are still medications to buy as well as people to pay for the services that they render for the patients’ betterment. Besides, a thousand dollars is nothing compared to the life of a person that treatment gets to save.

Answer by wildeyedredhead3000
Oh, get real. Do you expect professional counseling to be cheap? Programs have varying costs and some are non-profit.

People need to earn a living wage and I don’t understand how you can judge why people who run certain programs are doing so. Just because they want to make money, doesn’t make them heartless.

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