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Would You Be Willing to Use Internet-Based Software for Mental Health Treatment if Referred by a Counselor?

Question by Mark R: Would you be willing to use internet-based software for mental health treatment if referred by a counselor?
Multimedia software can be developed to provide educational information, worksheets, psychological exercises, and other “homework” assignments. Would you be willing to use it if it was recommended by a counselor? Please rate your answer from 1 (definately not) to 10 (definately, yes). Please explain your answer.

Best answer:

Answer by shayes3401
I’d say 10, as long as the use of this software was in addition to traditional counseling and not meant to be a replacement. But if it were thoroughly approved by my counselor, I think it would be a fantastic idea. Structured “homework” could lead to deeper insights into whatever problem you may be working on. Therapists often ask patients to keep a journal which some find difficult to do because it seems overwhelming. But if daily exercises/worksheets etc. helped focus the person on one or two specific areas of thought, patients might not seem so overwhelmed and accomplish more.

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