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Alcoholic Who Drank Over 30 Beers Per Day | Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Alcoholic Who Drank Over 30 Beers per Day | Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center — A long-term alcoholic who was known by name in the liquor stores finally makes the decision to get help after a life of addiction, denial and embarrassment. …

For the Affected Others: We Who Love the Active Alcoholic/Addict
The overwhelming majority of them are from good women who are partnered to addicts or alcoholics that have a long history of being in and out of Recovery. They describe a man or woman who is the proverbial Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Their partners are …
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The 4 Degrees of Drug Use
The 4 Degrees of Drug Use We all know someone who drinks every night and swears they can stop any time they want. Is it just an excuse, or is the person truly in control of their drug use? Not everyone who uses drugs or alcohol needs rehab; at the same …
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Prevent Child Abuse America President Says 'Prevention Is Possible'

Prevent Child Abuse America president says 'prevention is possible'
Most people know that child abuse is a major issue in the United States, but according to Prevent Child Abuse America CEO and President James Hmurovich, there is no clearly defined, shared vision that everyone can work toward. … State Alumni …
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Mountain Medicine: April is Child Abuse Prevention Month
This is a prevention training program that teaches how to recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The program is designed for organizations that serve youth and for individuals concerned about the safety of children. It is the only …
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HR 0826 Parenting ProgramsChild Abuse
More than 20 parents from Chavez Multicultural Academy graduated from an eight-week parenting program on Thursday, April 3. The cohort will join more than 5,000 other parents who have completed the program since its inception 17 years ago. During the …
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Woodbridge NJ Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces New Long-Term Residential

Woodbridge NJ Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces New Long-Term Residential
Woodbridge NJ Alcohol Drug Rehab is pleased to announce a new long-term residential treatment program is now available for adults and adolescents who are battling drug addiction in Woodbridge and surrounding cities. Each day, another adult or …
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Florida Drug Rehab, Destination Hope, Expresses Concern Over Zohydro
β€œThe National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that around 6,600 people use prescription drugs each day for non-medical reasons,” said Ben Brafman, founder and CEO of Destination Hope, a highly regarded Florida drug rehab facility in Fort Lauderdale.
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Erie PA Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Residential Treatment Expansion
Erie PA Alcohol Drug Rehab is launching an expansion of its residential treatment plans for adults and adolescents dealing with drug addiction problems in Erie and surrounding cities. A lot of drug addicts are facing an inevitable question. Do they …
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Reaching Out to Smokers Boosts Quit Rates

Reaching Out to Smokers Boosts Quit Rates
Population-level, 6-month prolonged smoking abstinence rates came out 13.5% at 1 year with the intervention compared with 10.9% under usual care (P=0.02), Steven S. Fu, MD, director of the Center for Chronic Disease Outcomes Research at the … The …
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Alcohol & Drug Intervention Receiv Tribute & Health Help by ACRX — .” Enjoy a brief recap of this great organization doing a fantastic service in the community!” -Free Charity Help “Copyright D…

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The Trouble With the 12 Step Program Is They Preach All Alcoholics Are Alcoholics for Life.?

Question by Queen of Sheba: the trouble with the 12 step program is they preach all alcoholics are alcoholics for life.?
I Ten points to the one who can give me a convincing explanation for how this might be true or untrue. Do you think some people are born alcoholics which basically simply means their bodies adapt quickly so they need the poison to be normal?

Or are they wrong, do some other people get sick at first and vomit, then slowly build up a tolerance level to the poisonous poop of yeast cells which we call alcohol?

Is it counterproductive for the 12 step Alcoholics anonymous programs to force this perception on persons who attend their meetings or is it necessary to save them from relapse? Or is it possible for a person to lower their tolerance level and no longer be an alcoholic?

Clean Up: The After-Problem of Meth in WV

Clean up: The after-problem of meth in WV
Rhyne decided to take the matter into her own hands β€” literally β€” by starting a company specializing in cleaning up meth labs across the Kanawha Valley. Rhyne is the property manager with Real Estate Central LLC, a real estate investor with Old World …
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WIS Investigates: A former meth cook on his journey to clean up
The State Law Enforcement Division receives a million dollars a year to decontaminate meth lab sites, and an investigation uncovered there is no documentation to show exactly which sites have been cleaned and which have been left untouched. WIS met …
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