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Help Me Choose Which Project I Should Do.. Crime Related!?

Question by PaintTheTown: Help me choose which project i should do.. Crime related!?
I’m doing a project soon, and i’ve chosen the category crime, i just want to see a general idea of which seems more popular of a choice, what would be more interesting for the viewer (it’s a presentation evening by the way). Here’s my options…

> Youth criminal activity – and schemes to keep them out of trouble.

> Day to day life in a jail – does jail stop criminals being criminals?

> Jail sentences, too long/too short… should criminals have to fulfill their entire sentences and not be let off for good behavior. And work on the death penalty.

If you can think of how i could combine any of these as well that would be great!

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2011 Disney Honors at Walt Disney World Resort


2011 Disney Honors at Walt Disney World Resort – Every two years, Disney Youth Programs hosts a music festival at the Walt Disney World Resort that challenges performers to reach new musical heights. This f…


The crowd is calling: Dutch platform 'We Want Cinema' expands to Germany

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“Interest has been great,” Schaffner confirms, adding, “Over the years, we have encountered many problems and certainly know about the frustrations that not only theatre owners have when looking for some repertory programs. … World Production, DCM …
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Sports Scene: Doral's Sofia Sewing wins Eddie Herr tennis title

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The teams at the Disney Junior Soccer Showcase Tournament were: FC America Premier from Florida, Atlanta Fire United from Georgia, Ottawa South United Force Black from Canada, South Carolina United and in the final, Braddock Road YC Bryc Elite from …

What Should I Expect When I Am Called Into Court?

Question by April: What should I expect when I am called into court?
I am a minor and was caught shoplifting today (I messed up, I know). I was charged with petty theft and now I have to go to court. I don’t really know anything that’s going to happen so what should I expect? When will I know the court date? What do I wear?
I live in California, and the officer said that my record will be cleared once I turn 18 (which is in less than a year).

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Whats the Max Amount of Weights Can I Lift That Wont Effect My Growth Plates?

Question by ?: Whats the max amount of weights can i lift that wont effect my growth plates?
im a 14 year old kid whos height is 5’3. i started lifting 15 pounds in 1 hand my friend told me it be smart to lift weights. and it will help me look not so stuby. so i wanted to kno how much should i lift as max that wont effect my growth plates or growth?

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Answer by Scott S
I think I answered this in another question of yours. Here it is again.

Lifting weights will not hinder your growth. This is just an unfortunate myth that keeps being repeated.

Doctors recommend strength training for youth. It improves athletic performance and helps prevent injury.

Various medical websites have articles on this. For example, see the following statement linked from the Cleveland Clinic:

My Brother Is Addicted to Weed?

Question by Killer: my brother is addicted to weed?
I’ve been smoking weed every day for 2 years now, and I’m not addicted. but brother started last week and now he’s addicted! what should I do?

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Answer by The Big E
If you have smoked weed every day for the last two years, you too are addicted whether you admit it to yourself and others or not. Insofar as your review of your brother’s weed smoking habit, that is especially not for you to be judging in light of the example you set for him. The blind are enviably not in a credible position to adequately lead the blind as both suffer the same impaired judgment before the process even begins. The greatest lies that hurt us most are the ones we tell ourselves.

Maggie Dent on What Drives Adolescents


Maggie Dent on what drives adolescents – In this video blog, parenting author, educator and mother of four adult sons Maggie Dent talks about the biological drivers of adolescence. These are the thi…


VN, UNICEF join to combat child violence

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Determining the causes of violence – focusing on girls and boys from very young age to older adolescents – will contribute to comparative global and national evidence bases on how change happens. Chief of the Children's Division under the Viet Nam …
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