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Help Me Choose Which Project I Should Do.. Crime Related!?

Question by PaintTheTown: Help me choose which project i should do.. Crime related!?
I’m doing a project soon, and i’ve chosen the category crime, i just want to see a general idea of which seems more popular of a choice, what would be more interesting for the viewer (it’s a presentation evening by the way). Here’s my options…

> Youth criminal activity – and schemes to keep them out of trouble.

> Day to day life in a jail – does jail stop criminals being criminals?

> Jail sentences, too long/too short… should criminals have to fulfill their entire sentences and not be let off for good behavior. And work on the death penalty.

If you can think of how i could combine any of these as well that would be great!

Best answer:

Answer by Jolly
Day to day life in a jail – does jail stop criminals being criminals?
And try and visit a real jail or prison

Answer by CountryGirl
I would choose “Youth Criminal Activity-and schemes to keep them out of trouble” because that would be the easist report for me to do because they have a lot of programs to help keep kids off the streets like the “big brother big sister program” and “teen academy” and the “police explorers” I’m in the police explorers and what they do is help young people from the age of 14-21 learn about the law and it’s a grate program to be in because you get to go to competitions around the country and you get to go ride out with the officers to see what they deal with on a day to day bases. That’s what I wold talk about but you said you want something that will be interesting for people so If I didn’t know a lot about these programs I would choose “Day To Day Life I A Jail” Good Luck with your report.

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