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Why Do People Think Smoking Weed Is Healthy?

Question by Mordecai Reincarnated: Why do people think smoking weed is healthy?
Those junkies obviously aren’t doing it for that
If it’s healthy though I wouldn’t expect it to be healthy by bong and joints only with those medical ways
Except I never said bongs and joints aren’t methods of smoking… Idiot

Best answer:

Answer by chong
Its not healthy but its good at releasing ur stress, dont do it often and it will br alright

Answer by osho
Smoking weed Is very unhealthy.. guys smoke weed because most of them dont care about their internal health and only care fun.. but when they got to know that weed and marijuana can creat external health problem such as gynecomastia aka man boobs by having hormon imbalance.. they will realize after that but it would be too late that their physical apperience will be already very very bad

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