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Tampa FL Christian Drug Rehab Announces New Bible-Based Treatment Program

Tampa FL Christian Drug Rehab Announces New Bible-Based Treatment Program
The Tampa Christian drug rehab center was established to address the unique struggles of Christians battling a variety of chemical addictions. Christian drug rehab centers offer a faith-based approach to healing and recovery that is centered around …

Atlanta GA Christian Drug Rehab Launches Additional Substance Abuse
The Atlanta Christian drug rehab center addresses struggles unique to Christians battling drug addiction. People who enter the facility will find a place that offers a faith-based approach to healing and recovery centered around Jesus Christ …
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Group home helps to fill gap between treatment, street
Teen Challenge's first rehabilitation center opened in Brooklyn, New York in 1960 and now includes 170 centers in 48 states. Teen Challenge was begun by a Pentecostal preacher David Wilikerson to show the love of Christian people to addicts and gang …
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Residential Treatment Facility Information… Please!?

Question by Arielle+Aubrey: Residential treatment facility information… please!?
Um. ok. so i’ve been self-injuring for a year now. In January, I was in the mental floor of a hospital for a week and that didn’t seem to help. I know that I need help. I see a counsler 1 a week. But the cutting has become more than a habit. It’s become a way of thinking. I can’t change my thought process. I’ve near attempted suicide twice this week… Help. Do I need residential? What is it like? How long will it last? Will it work? How do I tell my mom I need to go?

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Genetic Alcohol Problem?

Question by OldGregg: Genetic alcohol problem?
Me and one of my friends like to go out and drink little (as we do) but he text me earlier saying he’s supposed to stop because he has a genetic alcohol addiction thing which is hereditary. I tried following this up with saying *do you mean you just have a history of alcoholics in your family?* but he said its some hereditary thing where his family becomes easily addicted (they do have a lot of piss heads lol). Is this true, like is it an actual genetic condition and if so, what is it?

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Is There Any Available Drug Abuse Treatment in St. Paul, Minnesota?

Question by josh: Is there any available drug abuse treatment in St. Paul, Minnesota?
I wonder if there is any available drug abuse treatment for cocaine. I now live in New York but I decided that if I really want to get treated, I want it to be in my hometown which is St. Paul, Minnesota. I’ve been battling this addiction for quite some time now and I guess I just got tired of it so now I want to start all over.

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Answer by zander
go into the wild for one year

Answer by LadyLynn
National Hotline: l-866-395-1680

Legislation Establishing Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Approved by House
Dennis Reboletti (R-Elmhurst), the Illinois House has approved a measure that will allow the establishment of a Pilot Program to create a secure facility with on-site substance abuse treatment in DuPage County, Cook County, and a third location to be …
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Treatment Center Exec: Drinking at Middle School Is 'a Flag, Not Just for the

Treatment center exec: Drinking at middle school is 'a flag, not just for the
And the incident, which took place at about 12:12 p.m., serves as a "clear indication" of the substance abuse problem facing the borough's youth, according to one leader in Staten Island's treatment community. "That's a flag, not just for the school …

ACA adds addiction treatment to all policies
This file photo shows people in the detox room at Haymarket Center in Chicago waiting for a bed in the addiction treatment facility. Millions of Americans gained the opportunity for insurance coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment with the …
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Horns for Hope Offers Addicts Mu…

Horns for Hope offers addicts mu…
Don Berner thought that was actually a pretty good idea, so the community-minded Edmonton saxophonist created Horns for Hope, a program where men in drug rehab at Hope Mission can perform in a real concert band. Right now they're working on a …
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New Beginnings
When Mae Lee Browning JD'14 tried meth for the first time at age 16, she thought, “Finally, everything is OK in the world.” But nine years later, surrounded by prostitutes and criminals in a rehab facility, Browning knew her habit was consuming her …

Business owners fed up with criminals freed from Shasta County Jail
The 919 releases included those serving sentences and those awaiting sentencing, many on drug charges and probation violations. Ten were in custody for …. Rehabilitation is important, but so is cracking down on street crime. But he acknowledges, with …
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