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Residential Treatment Facility Information… Please!?

Question by Arielle+Aubrey: Residential treatment facility information… please!?
Um. ok. so i’ve been self-injuring for a year now. In January, I was in the mental floor of a hospital for a week and that didn’t seem to help. I know that I need help. I see a counsler 1 a week. But the cutting has become more than a habit. It’s become a way of thinking. I can’t change my thought process. I’ve near attempted suicide twice this week… Help. Do I need residential? What is it like? How long will it last? Will it work? How do I tell my mom I need to go?

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Answer by MDMA NO WAY
I did residenital when I was 14-15 and again when I was 17. Some programs are a month others are three months and some are a year or more. It just depend on the program. It does help a bit but once you leave you have to be sure to keep up with what you learned and not let yourslef fall back. It’s not bad in residental people are pretty “normal” most are there for cutting. depression. and ed or behavior programs. You will have school. lots of groups, and fun stuff. Most programs go on a point or level system. The hight the points or level the more you get to do and more privacy you will have. Hope that helps.

Answer by Bellaruse
Residential treatment is exactly what you need. My issue is with drugs. It may be different, but still very similar in that it is an addiction, and has become a way of life. I spent 2 months in rehab, and was very successful,but left too soon and fell off the wagon again.
Rehab gave me the tools I needed to get a hold of my problem and learn new ways of thinking and dealing. You need the same-but take my advice when I say that as uncomfortable as it may be at first to be out of your element, sit still and take in everything you can. Use that time to re-learn how to live and deal. Listen to your councelors and cherish meeting people like yourself at meetings.
Just be honest with your mom and tell her you need help. Explain just what you said here-that this problem has become more than a habit and you are in danger. A mental institution is not the answer-unless you are suicidal. What will benefit you is long term treatment where you will learn new skills and coping mechanisms, and where you will meet others like yourself.
You are not alone and you can be helped. Just reach out your hand and sit tight.
Best of luck…

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