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Does the Sinclair Method Really Work and Is It a Cure?

Question by Alicia: does the sinclair method really work and is it a cure?
I’ve been having problems with AA and other programs. I detox for a while and usually before a year is out I’ve lost control and fallen off the wagon.

Someone suggested the Sinclair Method and I was wondering if it really works.

Best answer:

Answer by Alex
Is it a cure? Not really as you’re always going to be an alcoholic. Is it damn close to being a cure? Yes it is.

One of the problems with detox, rehab, and AA is that oddly enough, going cold turkey on alcohol can often trigger a stronger desire for it than by detoxing by cutting back.

That’s what few people tell you. That you don’t have to go cold, you can detox by slow withdrawal.

How to Repair a Broken Relationship After Clinical Depression?

Question by Anthony G: How to repair a broken relationship after clinical depression?
I have been suffering from clinical depression and emotional drained / insulted my ex partner and pushed her away through the illness. I have recieved medical assistance over the past six weeks. Really wanted some ideas on how or if possible to get the relationship back on track. She has asked for space and i have been pain with texting and phoning over the last few weeks. Which i realise was not a good idea , i was so low in myself , Ideas welcome

Best answer:

Answer by Alyssa-Jane
explain to her that although you pushed her away you miss her
say you pushed her away coz you didnt wanna drag her moods down with yours
and you miss her coz she still means a lot to you
and your hoping you can get a friendship or relationship back.

Is Jeremy Mayfield Finished in NASCAR?

Question by Madame Lynn: Is Jeremy Mayfield finished in NASCAR?
I’m beginning to think that he’s getting the Tim Richmond treatment:

“In 1990, The New York Times reported that Dr. Forest Tennant, who was at that time the National Football League’s drug adviser, “falsified drug tests”[20] that ultimately helped shorten Tim Richmond’s NASCAR career.[20] Washington television station WJLA-TV, in early 1990, reported that sealed court documents and interviews showed Tennant and NASCAR used “allegedly false drug-test results in 1988 to bar Richmond from racing”.[20] Reporter Roberta Baskin stated that NASCAR had targeted Richmond, requesting that Tennant establish a substance-abuse policy with Richmond in mind.[20] “A series of drug tests and falsely reported positive results shortly before the 1988 Daytona 500 kept Richmond from driving in what was to have been his last big race. . .”, the report said.[20] While neither Tennant nor NASCAR supplied an official response at the time, NASCAR did confirm that they were seeking to replace Tennant.”

Jackson Recovery Centers Adolescent Center – Sioux City, Iowa


Jackson Recovery Centers Adolescent Center – Sioux City, Iowa – Jackson Recovery Centers Adolescent Center provides residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment to adolescents. The Adolescent Center is located in Siou…


SBA to Close Business Recovery Center in Washington

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ATLANTA, Dec. 11, 2013 — /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The U.S. Small Business Administration announced today that due to a steady decrease of activity, the Business Recovery Center located at the Washington District Library will close on Friday, Dec.
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Great Lakes Recovery Centers receive KBIC grant

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Great Lakes Recovery Centers has received grant money to help renovate one of its facilities. The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community has given the organization a $ 7,866.03 grant. The money comes from the KBIC's gaming revenue. Great Lakes Recovery …
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· Private Treatment 2 Preview | Tr’in 2 Edit ·


· private treatment 2 preview | tr’in 2 edit ·


How to tame an out-of-control kid

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Medicaid and most private insurance cover PCIT as family or individual therapy. Patients without insurance can expect to pay $ 150 to $ 200 per session in an area like Washington, … The therapy isn't right for everyone. Psychologists say that children …
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Binge eating becomes official disorder, treatment needed to get control

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“The goal is to decrease the frequency of those behaviors first, and then change other behaviors such as alcohol consumption, frequency of dining out and calorie and sugar intake,” Friedman said. Insight Behavioral Health Center also offers intensive …
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Any Other Way to Get Methadone Legally Besides a Clinic ?!?!?

Question by danielesuzy: Any other way to get methadone legally besides a clinic ?!?!?
Hi. My boyfriend is a heroin addict. He snorts quite a lot of it everyday. He would really like to go on methadone,he thinks its the only thing that will work. Dont tell me how addictive it is please and dont judge. I have called around and was told he has to fail at other programs before he could be accepted into that one. I guess I understand where they are coming from to an extent but at the same time I feel its unfair. He should be able to give it a try. He has tried suboxone and has went to meetings . He has tried cold turkey. He has tried therapy. Nothing has worked so why do they need legal proof he will fail a detox?! Help please. Id like to get him help legally and inexpensively.