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Dr. Selwyn Rogers Interview With Strategies for Youth


Dr. Selwyn Rogers Interview with Strategies for Youth – Dr. Selwyn Rogers is the Chief Surgeon at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, and previously the head of the Trauma Center at Brigham and Women’s…


Audit finds continuing problems at LA County juvenile halls

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… one case, disciplinary action is being considered. On the plus side, the audit found that Probation has been able to implement strategies for reducing youth-on-youth violence, including training staff in behavior management and response to gang …
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Adults can learn how to control and manage Type 2 diabetes

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What Are Some Better Traits of a Pisces Girl?

Question by Ambree: What are some better traits of a pisces girl?
I have asked this already, but I got negative feedback. I am a Pisces and I’m pretty tough, I’ve never done drugs, I am very good with my grades and I’m not psychotic. I am actually pretty shy. I’m just curious to know some of the better qualities of Picses teenage girls people have noticed.

Best answer:

Answer by Pisces
I’m a Pisces guy and I don’t really like Pisces girls.

I’m just gonna leave it at that, but if I do find a Pisces girl I really like in every aspect.. I’ll hit you up with a message. Or not, don’t know.

Hey phuck off Kurt. February Pisces stomps on March Pisces.

Answer by Kurt
kind nice sweet sensitive but im worried i will never get one because im a Aquarius :( but overall pisces are nice people espically the march ones

Drug Rehab Center Rochester | Alcohol Abuse Center Rochester MN | Detox Rochester MN


Drug Rehab Center Rochester | Alcohol Abuse Center Rochester MN | Detox Rochester MN – Alcohol Addiction Treatment Rochester, MN helps people retake their family, friend…


Wichita Alcohol Rehab Launches New Video Describing Services for Adults

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A Wichita alcohol rehab has announced that a new video has been launched describing new services and treatment options available for alcohol addiction help through Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Wichita and surrounding towns. Alcoholism …
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What Are Some of the Similarities and Differences Between Choice/Reality Therapy and Cog Behavioral Therapy?

Question by Nik: What are some of the similarities and differences between Choice/Reality Therapy and Cog Behavioral Therapy?
I need to know some similarities and differences between the two treatment approaches. Also how they relate to Substance abuse treatment ? Any ideas will help and be much appreciated :)

Best answer:

Answer by JN0303
Im actually an Addictions Counsellor – either modality can work, depending on what best suites the client.

Choice Therapy is pretty much reminding a client that they never “HAVE” to do anything and that they always have a choice and pretty much work to find out what their choices could be. Sometimes people dont see all of their options and feel like “they have no way out” so this is a good modality to use when you start hearing a client feeling “hopeless” or “trapped”





Few places reserved for teens in Carteret County

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Jessica Forsberg, Carteret County Parks and Recreation department manager, said the Beach Run Series is open to all ages, but is one of its most popular programs for teens along with youth volleyball and basketball. She said working with the schools …
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Ervin embraces new challenge as Berwick coach

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In recent years, the wrestling program has not enticed enough players from the gridiron, many of whom were involved in youth wrestling before quitting the sport. Ervin and Yates said George Curry's return as the head football coach should benefit the …
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Where Can I Find Choral Music for ‘What Is a Youth”?

Question by Ryan: Where can I find choral music for ‘What is a Youth”?
I was listening to this song the other day and I just thought it was the most beautiful piece I’ve ever heard. I’m looking for the music cause I wanna be able to sing it, and possibly use it for my school’s audition choir next year (I made it this year).

I actually sing bass, but I could easily transpose because I think it is only written for tenor. Thanks so much!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Birdgirl
You want a choral arrangement or a solo arrangement? Is this the theme from Zeffirelli’s “Romeo & Juliet”?

I saw a couple of sites that supposedly offered free downloads, but since this is copyrighted music, I didn’t trust the sites enough to click any of them on. You aren’t dealing with very reputable people sometimes.