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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to Take Leave for Rehab as New Crack Smoking Video

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to take leave for rehab as new crack smoking video
The admitted crack smoker and heavy drinker has long dodged calls for him to resign or go to drug rehab. He relented Wednesday after a video, shot early Saturday morning, shows him reportedly smoking crack cocaine. An audio clip, recorded secretly …
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Toronto's Crack-Smoking Mayor Takes Leave for Rehab After Reports of Another
TORONTO (TheBlaze/AP) — Toronto Mayor Rob Ford — infamous for admitting he smoked crack cocaine after a video emerged – will take a leave of absence to seek help for alcohol. This decision comes after a report surfaced about another video of him …

Chad Smith-Red Hot Rhythm Meth

Chad Smith-Red Hot Rhythm Meth — Chad Smith-Red Hot Rhythm Meth.

Parents don't want methadone clinic opening next to grade school
Both King and Tovey say they aren't against methadone clinics in general but simply don't think it should be so close to the school. Indeed, King pointed out there was another clinic about 10 minutes away and she admits there's no problems with the …

Freeholders debate possible meth detox clinic in West Ward
“I hear that GLE is willing to lease space to a meth-clinic and I will absolutely positively not support that, and before we sign this letter we need to make sure that this meth-clinic is not going to be in our back yard,” said Freeholder Sam Frisby …
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Raymondville Ponders Drug Paraphernalia Ban

Raymondville ponders drug paraphernalia ban
At least one store sells items that include pipes used to smoke marijuana, crack cocaine and crystal methamphetamine, and tourniquets used to inject drugs, said Stephanie Garcia, CASA's drug intervention specialist. Stephanie Garcia said the store …
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New police gang intervention specialist knows firsthand about getting involved
Former gang member Chevist Johnson has served as north Omaha's gang intervention specialist since 2011. Besides reducing gang involvement, Gonzales said, he hopes his work will slow the sale of drugs and weapons in South Omaha. “There is silent …
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Drug Addiction How to Do an Alcohol Intervention — When someone close to you is caught in the downward spiral of addiction, it may be very difficult for that person to recognize exactly what is happening to h…

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Arizona Long Term Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program 'Springs' Into Action

Arizona Long Term Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program 'Springs' Into Action
Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures is a niche drug and alcohol rehabilitation program geared toward young male addicts that encompasses various forms of life-skill building such as wilderness therapy — intensive hiking, camping, kayaking, Kung Fu, surfing …
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Video game addiction a real problem for many
Experts studying this phenomenon have observed the addiction to video games follows a process similar to alcohol and gambling addictions. It can change a person's … Seek treatment from a Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC). Most therapists have …

Two-time sexual assault survivor speaks out for others
Sexual assault can lead to a loss of self-esteem, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and substance and alcohol abuse, which puts the survivor at greater risk of future abuse. Victims of sexual assault … Stepping Stones free services include …
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Can Weed Help Crack Addiction?

Question by : Can weed help crack addiction?

Best answer:

Answer by dawicker104
No, once your addicted to crack smoking majuanna will not stop your crack addiction.

If you want to stop your addiction you will have to detox from crack first, then get treatment for any medical, phyiscal or psycological problems you may have.

Then begin a long term recovery program like the 12 Step program.

Please consider going to a doctor toget help so you can stop using crack, don’t think that taking another drug is going to solve your problem.

Drug addiction is such a lonely disease!

As they become more dependent on their drug of choice, people isolate themselves, cutting themselves off from family, friends and activities they used to enjoy. Even when they want to come out of that world, they think they can or must do it alone.

Labrinth – VEVO GO Shows: Treatment

Labrinth – VEVO GO Shows: Treatment — VEVO GO Shows come to Oz! Labrinth performing ‘Treatment’ at Bondi Beach.

Weight loss, abdominal pain, jaundice: Pancreatic cancer explained
Pancreatic cancer is described as the "deadliest" of cancers as it is so difficult to detect and treat in the early stages when treatment is more likely to be successful. Here, Nick Maisey, consultant oncologist at London Bridge Hospital, and NHS …

Denied Hormone Treatment, Ohio Trans Prisoner Files Lawsuit
A transgender inmate has filed a lawsuit against the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction after her hormone treatments were discontinued in February 2012. Whitney Lee, a transgender woman serving a three-year sentence at Mansfield …

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