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How Does Alcohol an Drug Abuse Effect College Students?

Question by Steve G: how does alcohol an drug abuse effect college students?

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Answer by Je suis aware
from what i seen in my own days…it damages their liver. many of them end up fighting and doing violent destructive things. some get arrested. many end up not going to class. many women will end up sleeping with men they dont know about. men might end up raping women.
on the flip side many people end up gaining acceptance from their peers for drinking. sometimes the more a student drinks, the more he is revered within his/her social circle.

Answer by LETTY
well this question is too broad of a question, but the effects cover many aspects…for one, healthwise-alcohol damages the liver over time and drug abuse kills brain cells that cannot regrow. in the social aspect, alcohol and drugs may seem to make the students “fit in” and whatnot, though we must remember that college students are attending college to pursue an education, not to get wasted. so alcohol and drug abuse will slower reflexes and cause for these students to perform bad.

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