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My Belly Button Piercing Is Infected. How Can I Remove Redness and Swelling ?

Question by Ashley: My belly button piercing is infected. How can I remove redness and swelling ?
I’ve had my belly button pierced for two weeks and two days. I just noticed today that it is very red and swollen. I know it is infected but what can I do to make the redness and swelling go away without taking the piercing out. I do not want to remove the piercing so It does not close. Please help. “/

Best answer:

Answer by Niamh
Keep it clean with a salt and water solution or a special piercing care cream (follow the instructions) and if it doesn’t improve after a few days go and see a doctor (you may need antibiotics!)

Answer by lillybo
hi there i swear by tcp buy some and dilute it its relly strong smelling it has disinfectatnt and an anti swelling agent in it u could also take a neurofen plus these take swelling down tho do contain codien !!

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