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What Is Worse Alcohol Abuse or Benzo Abuse?

Question by Dave: what is worse alcohol abuse or benzo abuse?

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Answer by Logan B
wtf is benzo

Answer by All-One
Have worked in substance abuse for over 27 years, and their is no drug, that even comes close to alcohol addiction, it destroys the whole being. Mentally, physically and spiritually.
The only other that comes close is of course “meth”, and at least meth kills quickly, so the meth addict does less harm to others.

New Study on Parenting Reveals the Benefits of Alcohol Treatment in Family
In short, families with a father who struggled with alcohol dependency displayed more conflict than those who had no issues with alcohol. Seeking treatment for alcohol dependence also helped alleviate the amount of conflict within a family unit.
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Lack of support for alcoholdependent pregnant women
SIMON SANTOW: There's fresh evidence this morning about the effects of women drinking alcohol while pregnant. While overall fewer Australian women are drinking while they're pregnant, the proportion of pregnant women drinking at high levels hasn't …
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