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Alcoholic or Alcohol Abuse?

Question by : Alcoholic or alcohol abuse?
I’ve been having these weird cravings for alcohol for months now . I wasn’t all into drinking till January of this year when I realized alcohol made me feel better than anything . I’m 18 by the way . My drinking has caught my two doctors and moms attention . I even got a substance abuse therapist. It’s hard for me to not be sober . I hate it alot . Once when I consumed all 3 bottles of my parents wine because i was broke . i also go to a liquor store at least 2 times a week to buy at least 2 bottles of some strong liquor . Once I get a beer I can’t stop drinking . When I go to parties I always worry if there’s alcohol there. I drink by myself till I throw up I’ve noticed . Ive had 3 black outs . I basically drink when I’m sad , upset or bored . I don’t enjoy anyone’s company so I like to drink alone . I’m always desperate for alcohol I feel incomplete without it . And when I drink I get aggressive or do things I regret the next day . My ex boyfriend broke up with me cause he said I have a problem . So please can someone help me???

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Answer by Seamus
There is no such a thing as an alcoholic!
Excessive drinking is a symptom of other issues and if you have a problem you CAN stop on your own!

Answer by ChemoAngel
Drinking age is 21, not 18…you are an alcoholic….and it’s not a good road to be going down at the young age of 18. . Your ex-boyfriend was smart…get help now before it’s too late.

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