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Strange Therapist?

Question by Cathy S: Strange therapist?
Please I need some advice. I’ve been going to a therapist who is basically not nice. When I’ve tried to stop going I’m always given a hard time. Now, I’m going to find a new therapist but I’m nervous. The last one would ask me definitions of unusual words and smirk if I couldn’t come up with the right answer, mock me, and more I will not go into… I’d leave crying. I have average intelligence, I’m not a genius, what kind of pleasure would someone who is supposed to help you get from mocking a person? How do you check out a therapist to be sure they do not have a mean streak? When I go to the new person should I mention the last therapist had a mean streak or just say I needed a change. I’m really afraid to get help now and I have depression.

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Answer by ralphnyc2133
That’s unfortunate! You need to stop seeing your current therapist. If you can’t confront him/her in person, just send an email, leave a message…whatever works…telling him/her that you’re not coming in any more. (Also make sure that they can’t continue to bill you.) You might consider reporting this therapist to a psychiatric association or professional therapists organization. As for getting a recommendation, try, or alternatively, open up your yellow pages to “mental health resources,” and see if there are any organizations in your area that help you with finding the right person for you. Remember that YOU are in control. Your therapist is there to help YOU, and if you are not getting what you need, you have every right to change, and to demand what is right for you.

Answer by new Phm tech
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again just because these
people have degrees does not guarantee they’re normal!
Please keep that in mind while you ask around say it’s for
an acquaintance if you don’t want them to know it’s for you;
no one should have to put up w this do you realize you could
sue this dr? Please continue to seek out the therapist that’s
a good fit for you. Also;you could inform ins. co. or dept of
professional regulation/w complaint.

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